1st Place 18-Open
USA Volleyball National Championship
1st Place 18-Open
1st Place 17's
AAU Nationals
1st Place 17’s
2nd Place 15 American
USA Volleyball National Championship
2nd Place 15 American
1st Place 16s
AAU Nationals
1st Place 16s
2001 – Tampa, Florida
1st Place - 18s Open
National Qualifier
1st Place – 18s Open
Northern Lights

Unique Elements of FRONT RANGE

FRVBC has a Collegiate Recruiting Coordinator on staff. Since Front Range’s inception, over 250 young women from our program have pursued their college education on athletic scholarship.
Strength and conditioning program to reduce injuries and build strength, focusing on creating well-rounded and healthy athletes.
Why not train in the best facility possible? Our State-of-the art facility has 4 courts, weight room, training room, and conference room.
Dedicated staff and coaches to all our athletes. Intelligent, motivated and educated coaches who are passionate about providing the most effective and inspiring environment for our athletes.
Creating an environment to help all players thrive. Training programs that are safe and current with the latest scientific research on correctly training volleyball skills
FRVBC is using the latest video and technology in our training sessions. We invest time and training, and utilize technology to help our athletes reach their maximum potential.


FRVBC PARENTRandy Campbell

Front Range offers an unparalleled combination of world-class coaches, practice facilities (state of the art flooring, weight room, video equipment, etc.), and training regimens. The overall training (speed, agility, quickness) and intense focus on volleyball fundamentals and techniques (a variety of drills for serving, passing, blocking, etc.) turned my daughter into an all-around and complete volleyball player. Her technical abilities increased at a phenomenal rate. She took advantage of all the mandatory as well as optional training offered. The coaches are always willing to put in extra time with any player.


Playing at Front Range was honestly one of the best and most impactful decisions of my life. I would not be where I am today without the dedication and passion of the coaches I had and the skills I learned there. Not only did I learn the skills of volleyball at the highest level, but I learned how to be mentally tough, disciplined, and competitive, and I developed a work ethic that will carry with me through the rest of my life. I was fully prepared, if not more prepared than most of my teammates, to enter a Division I program and continue to use what I learned and develop it further in my collegiate career. I’m currently playing my second season professionally overseas which comes with many challenges I would not have been ready to endure without Front Range. I am the person I am because of this club and am very thankful for it!

PARENTNestor & Julie Edelman

From our perspective, the difference between playing at Front Range vs any other club is like having the chance to study at an Ivy League school or going to a community college. In both places you will get a degree, but her chances of achieving her full potential as an athlete and as a person are much greater at Front Range.

Our daughter played at another club for years. Our decision to join Front Range was not made lightly; since it involved a one hour commute each way through Denver. It was the right decision for us because the quality of the coaching was so far above anything else that we found in the state. When we started at Front Range, our daughter was a good volleyball player with potential. She became an All American athlete who was recruited by top college programs all over the country. She made the USA team for her age and was able to travel to Turkey to compete in the world championship. We are eternally grateful to Jim Miret and the other coaches at FRVBC, as we fully know that she would have never reached this level of play without them.


We are a competitive sport club – with our players competing at all levels from local team galas.


In Oxygen Club are organized single and team diving classes for all ages – kids, teenagers or seniors.


Our players have the highest percentage of overall improvement in all games.


The private lessons programme consists of one 30 min. session per week in private court.


Stay up to date with all the FRVBC achievements, camps, and upcoming opportunities.



7-Time National ChampiosNATIONAL CHAMPIONS

6 Gold Medals at GNC’s and 1 Gold Medal at AAU

Junior Olympic All-Americans & AAU All-Americans

33 Junior Olympic All-Americans and 18 AAU All-Americans

USA Volleyball National Qualifier Medals26 Open Medals at Qaulifiers & 45 Qualifier Medals

In all national qualifier divisions, Front Range continues to be a nationally recognized club.

National ChampionshipsMedals at AUU National Championships


We believe in the inherent enjoyment of sports participation and development of youth. FRVBC is an organization where young athletes can come to learn the skills of volleyball as well as the enjoyment of practicing and playing with their friends. Our coaches stress skills fundamentals, good sportsmanship, fair-play and teamwork.

For players’ whose goals turn toward earning playing time at their high school or wanting to pursue a college scholarship, FRVBC is a competitive organization where the driven player will find a place to hone their skills, develop a deeper strategic understanding of the game, and grow as an athlete. FRVBC values honesty, fair-play, and honoring our sport in everything we do.


Front Range Volleyball Club is a nationally prominent, competitive program dedicated to advancing the personal and athletic development of youth through the pursuit of excellence in volleyball, fostering a sense of community throughout the Club and promoting leadership in all Club members.


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